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Pickens Genealogy

Concerning Robert Picon's service in the french court of King Henry IV, There is some confusion about how the dates play out. Through my research I have come to some conclusions (assumptions really). Here's how I think it goes.

Robert Pikken Senior was a Scot born in the 1560's in Edinburgh. He had three brothers named Andrew, Johnne, and Peter. Many Scots went to France at that time to help King Henry IV because of his plans for religious freedom. Robert brought his wife and son, Robert JR., to France where he was known as Picon (Pik-ohne). While there Robert SR. was noticed for some newsworthy feat and made a diplomat in King Henry's Court. His son Robert JR. was a court attendant of some kind. They all returned to Scotland in 1610 when King Henry's reign ended.

Robert Picon JR. went back to Picken or Pickan. He had a son named Andrew in 1624 in Scotland. Andrew married and had a son Robert Andrew Pickan in 1644 in Scotland.

The search for religious freedom brought them back to France. Some time after 1645 Andrew and his wife and son Robert Andrew returned to the old home of Andrew's father, Robert JR, in France. Robert JR and many other Pickans and Pickens went to Ulster, Northern Ireland.

While in France, Robert Andrew met the widow of a French Soldier named Jean Bonneau. Her name was Esther Jeane Benoit. They had a son in France named William in 1669. That same year (1669) Robert Picon JR. died in Ballymoney Parish, Drumskea, Ireland.

In 1685 they all returned to Scotland, once again fleeing religious persecution. Robert and Esther and some of their children moved on to Ireland. His other children spread throughout Scotland. Several remained in Campbeltown on the Kintyre penninsula.

John Pickan is one that stayed in Campbeltown and married Ann Colvine. This is where Alexander and Jean Watson had William in 1762. William came to America.

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